Biosq - The Green Revolution is so Easy !
BIOSQ is the modern solution for the demanding ecology-minded consumer on the go: organic, local and ready-to-eat salads and soups in vending machines.
biosq vending machines ready-to-eat salad soups organic local
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The idea

Health-conscious, hard-working and busy people can find it difficult to get the food they want without spending their own time searching, cooking and preparing. Many of us are also fed up with leaving behind a mountain of plastic waste when we consume ready-to-eat dishes.

BIOSQ is the modern solution for the demanding ecology-minded consumer on the go: organic, local and ready-to-eat salads, soups and other food in vending machines. Without creating practically any waste at all.


The machine

biosq machine

Our vending machine BIOSQ offers a unique experience for getting the food you want in the most convenient way possible.

  • Have a look at the salads, soups and veggie snacks behind the glass front..
  • Get more information and choose your food items on the interactive display panel.
  • Pay cash or by any of the usual bank cards.
  • Withdraw your food in the middle of the glass front.
  • Heat up your soup in a microwave oven.
  • Eat and be happy.
  • Bring back the reusable plastic boxes and recover the deposit money.

The conspirators

We are Barbora and Paul, a happily married couple. Eating is our passion. We love tasty and healthy food, but not at the cost of environmental and social damage. We are frustrated by the way our society deals with food. We are also modern people: it is not contradictory for us to wish to bring state-of-the-art technology, consumer convenience and high-quality organic food together.

Green Conspiracy SPRL, the company that operates BIOSQ, is our way of contributing to real progress. We want to be radical in our approach, we want to do it differently, we want to stop creating waste and exploiting people.

Paul and Barbora